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We are using geolocalisation data for our job and homes search engine to help localize jobs and homes and you can have access to these databases here. We sell geolocalised world cities data
on this platform. If you need some geolocalised jobs or geolocalised Homes data we can make a custom offer for you, contact us at tylugo@tyljobs.com. We can get you millions of 2019 geolocalised
Homes in Europe/US and a couple 100000 geolocalised jobs (2019) as well. Data on this platform comprises only geolocalised world cities data. Each city in the databases we sell has one unique id,
a city name, a country , a subcountry, latitude, longitude.
Let us know in the comment section bellow or contact us at tylugo@tyljobs.com if you need some specific country or have any questions regarding our databases.

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World cities database

23000 geolocalised world cities
(city,country, subcountry, lat,long)

Capitals Database

200 world
(city,country, subcountry,lat,long)

US cities database

2700 US

French cities database

630 geolocalised french cities
(city,country, subcountry, lat,long)

German cities database

1056 German cities database (city,country, subcountry,lat,long)

Spanish cities database

570 Spanish

UK cities database

512 UK cities database
(city,country, subcountry, lat,long)

Italian cities database

570 italian city database
(city,country, subcountry,lat,long)

Indian cities database

2443 Indian cities database

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